Psiphon for Android – Free Download Psiphon APK for Android

Psiphon is an app which comes with comes with a Psiphon APK and avails users to bypass protocol errors and allows them to view web pages which are not opening on their browser. While browsing over the internet we come across situations when a certain webpage does not load on our network. This is due to various reasons like the website being unavailable at your location or your service provider blocking it. So what do we do in this situation? Well, the Psiphon for Android helps here.

It is very easy to download Psiphon with various versions like Psiphon 3 and Psiphon 4 available to Psiphon free download. Psiphon APK Download can be done easily and we will have a look at it down below. Everything about the app will be discussed do as we go through the article.

Pisphon for Android

Psiphon for Android

App Name: Psiphon

File Type: APK

File Size: 8.4 MB

APK Version: Psiphon 3

Developers: ‎Psiphon, Inc., the Citizen Lab

What is the Psiphon App?

Psiphon app is an app for Android devices which avails its users to bypass protocol errors like “This webpage is not available”. Here, if a website is unavailable to a certain Android user, they could free download Psiphon on their Android device, open the app and open the website within the app. Psiphon apk download can be done from various sources.

The app uses proxy servers which allow users to get into these unavailable websites. It also comes with a Psiphon handler APK which can be separately installed and is the hub for Psiphon proxy download.

Psiphon App Features

  • The Psiphone app allows its users to bypass protocol errors and avail the facility of visiting web pages made unavailable on their region by either the ISP or the government.
  • Enables the users to open web pages translatable in a number of languages.
  • The handler app provided along with the main app provides a large number of proxy servers to visit web pages from around the globe.
  • Usable by anyone as the app has an artificial intelligence technology which sets the proxies by itself as per the requirement of the web page.
  • Highly customizable user interface.

Psiphon App Download for Android/iOS

Psiphon download free is directly available on the Android Google Play Store and on various third party websites as Psiphon APK free download. The app comes with a Psiphon handler, a pro version and a normal version – all of which are free to download. All of the apps uploaded by the Psiphon Company are free of cost and are highly rated by users on the Play Store. Download Psiphon for PC is yet another feature offered by the company. Here is how the users can download the app on your devices.

  • Free Download Psiphon APK via Google Play Store

As previously mentioned, Psiphon is available on the Google Play Store for free. To download it, just simply click here and then you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store without any hesitation. Now, download Psiphon version which is the most appropriate and install the app on your device.

  • Download Psiphon 3 APK Direct Download

This is for the users who want to download Psiphon APK for Android on their devices. Psiphon 3 is an older version of the app. Some prefer this version over the newer version of the app. To download Psiphon 3 APK one must open come to this website i.e. Tech UnWrapped. Now, download the Psiphon 3 APK by clicking here and install it through the .APK file on your Android device.

  • Download Psiphon 4 APK

Unfortunately, Psiphon 4 is yet to roll out for Android devices.  Hence, this version cannot be downloaded from anywhere yet. However, various rumors have noted that the company has been working on the project and this version should soon be available on the Google Play Store and on third party websites, soon we’ll update this post by adding more details of latest version APK, till then bookmark our blog using “Ctrl + D” option.

  • Psiphon Handler APK

As previously mentioned, the app requires a Psiphon proxy download for it to work. Fortunately, the app company themselves provide a Psiphon handler APK for the users to download the proxy servers and use the app accordingly.

Users wishing to open web pages available for the US nation may use USA proxy servers. Just like the US, there are many other proxy server options available on the Psiphon handler application provided by the company. The same downloading methods follow here as they did for Psiphon 3 APK. The only difference here is in the search entered. The user here must enter search “Psiphon Handler APK” instead of “Psiphon 3 free download”.

Download & Install Psiphon for PC on Windows 8.1/8/10/7/XP/vista & Mac!

Unfortunately, the Psiphon app is unavailable on PC systems as a direct downloadable application. However, there are various emulators available through which the users can download Psiphon for PC and run it. The mainstream emulator here is Bluestacks Emulator for PC. Here is how you download Psiphon 3 for PC and run through Bluestacks.

  • Step 1: Open Google on the default browser of your PC and visit:
  • Step 3: Once, downloaded run the package installer and install Pisphon for Windows.
  • Step 6: Now, double click the installed file and The app should now be installed in the the laptop or computer and be played like any app on your Android device.


Psiphon app by Psiphon Inc. is possibly the best communication tool available for geeks who want to visit websites from different regions. It provides a number of features to its users and comes with a great handler tool which provides a number of server selections. We advise everyone to use the Psiphon APK wisely as browsing any unavailable website on your device is indeed illegal. However, as long as you’re doing it for the fun and not involved in any illegal exchanges, you are safe. Thanks. 🙂

Psiphon for Android – Free Download Psiphon APK for Android
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