Game Guardian APK – Free Download Game Guardian for Android

Game Guardian APK, One thing which troubles the Android users is the fact that the in app purchases and game unlockables are very tough to bypass. Well, we have a fix for you here with the Game Guardian Android app. The Game Guardian app is a game h*****g tool for Android. It enables the users to use in app purchases and unlockables without investing any money. Through the Game Guardian APK, various in game tools like coins, gems, armors can also be enhanced. Game Guardian Android download is very easy to perform as well with various Game Guardian download links made available on third party websites online.

Here, on this page, we will discuss the features of the app, how to access “Game Guardian APK free download”, whether the app is available with device without root access and much more. So let us get on with it.

Game Guardian APK – Game Guardian for Android

Game Guardian APK

App Name: Game Guardian

File Type: APK

File Size: 6.03 MB

APK Version: 8.24.1

Developers: XDA Developers

What is the Android Game Guardian?

Game Guardian app is an Android application which is meant for users to unlock in app purchases and unlockables of offline games without having to pay any money.

The Guardian APK has very low device requirements and can be run on devices with as low as 512MB RAM and a 2.3.3 Android version along with 20MB storage space. User can also run it on devices which have dedicated working Android emulators. For PC devices, Bluestacks is recommended to run the Game Guard APK.

Android Game Guardian Features

After a brief introduction to the app, let us look at some of the notable features the app provides.

  • Game Guardian for Android is an Android game h*****g tool which unlocks the unlockables of games and apps available for the Android OS.
  • Runs on multiple display structures like ARM, x86, x64 and even emulators like Bluestacks.
  • GameGuardian Android has an inbuilt search feature which allows the users to browse through the app functions easily.
  • Reads over 90 languages from around the globe.
  • Can be used along with any offline game Android.
  • Low device requirements – runs on 512MB RAM and Android version as low as 2.3.3.
  • Although, Lollipop version of Android hasn’t been out in the market for long, Game Guardian Lollipop is also already available.

Game Guardian APK Free Download

As mentioned previously, it is very easy to download GGuardian for Android without spending any money. Let us discuss some of the methods down below.

  • GameGuardian Download via Google Play Store

G Guardian APK is well renowned in the world of Android users. However, the app’s installation package is unfortunately unavailable on the Google Play Store. Various fake applications are available on the Play Store which must always be avoided while looking for GameGuardian Android download.

  • Game Guardian Latest Version Download

Game Guardian 6.0 APK is the latest version of the Game Guardian app for Android. Any device matching the requirements mentioned above can run this version. However, we recommend at least an Android Jelly Bean compatible device for smooth usage.

To download Game Guardian latest version, click on the Game Guardian 6.0 APK link down below.


Once downloaded, install the APK package installer file to use the Game Guardian APK.

  • Download Game Guardian Old Version APK for Android

Although, Game Guardian latest version is always recommended by us while download the app, some users due to some reasons prefer to install older versions of the app. To do this, follow:

  • Step 1: Open Google on the default browser of your Android mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Now, enter search “Game Guardian APK free download <enter Game Guardian older version number here” on the dedicated search bar of Google.
  • Step 3: From the search results, find an appropriate website which contains GameGuard APK and download the .APK package installer file from there.
  • Step 4: Then, install IGameGuardian APK on your Android device and run it.

How to use Game Guardian for Android?

Using Game Guardian may seem like a hassle initially, however, the app can be used by anyone with basic Android app knowledge. Once installed, the app opens up with a beautiful user interface with well placed user options. To start h*****g the tools, the user must open both Game Guardian and the Android games downloaded to h**k simultaneously. Once the apps are opened, get to Game Guardian and choose the downloaded Android game within it. Once chosen, the user will be displayed with a list of unlockables and in game objects. Now, the user can set values and unlock features as per their liking.

Game Guardian APK No Root

As previously mentioned, Guardian APK requires root access for it to run on any device. Without root access, the app won’t even run on your device let alone thinking about h*****g the games through it. Therefore, Game Guardian APK no root does not exist yet. Although various sources have spread rumors that the company is working on a no root version of the app, however, our projections state say that a “no root” version is not possible here. This is because all the apps of this kind require root access to hack the game features. This is the reason why only offline games are available for h*****g through Game Guardian for Android.


It is a known fact that everyone wants to play games at their full potential with their full features unlocked. However, unlocking these features seems hectic at times. Game Guardian app helps here. The Game Guardian APK lets you h**k games without charging any money. It provides various facilities as listed above. Game Guardian for Android download has been made easy as well with the Game Guardian APK free download methods listed above. We also discussed how the app is only available for rooted devices and Game Killer APK no root is a feature still unavailable.

Game Guardian APK – Free Download Game Guardian for Android
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