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The FastPokeMap app is a secondary tracker made for tracking Pokemons for a better Pokemon Go experience. FastPokeMap Download is pretty easy as well with various downloading methods like download FastPokeMap APK and FastPokeMap iOS download available for the Android and iOS platforms. Here in this article, we will discuss the FastPokemap mobile app in detail. So let us get started.

In 2016, a certain game called Pokemon Go hit the mobile phone app markets and made quite some impact on the people. The app came up with the idea of playing a location based augmented reality game from any part on the globe given a successful internet connection is available there. The user was given in game Pokemon tools to collect Pokemons of their choice. The more the Pokemons collected the higher level you will be at. With the release and increase in popularity of Pokemon Go various app developers came up with ideas for third party apps for Pokemon Go. One of these ideas established an app called FastPokeMap.

FastPokeMap APK for Android


App Name: FastPokeMap

File Type: APK

File Size: 4.89 MB

APK Version: 1.1.2

Developers: AppStore Pro Go Live

The FastPokeMap website was initially launched as a website for gaining insights on the Pokemon Go game for easier game play. However, the company later developed the FastPokeMap Android app and later released FastPokeMap for iOS as well. The app FastPokeMap came up with the idea of tracking real time locations of pokemons using Pokemon Go’s API. This made discovering pokemons on Pokemon pretty easy.

But after a few Pokemon Go updates FastPokeMap mobile had to shut down for a while as the official API of Pokemon Go became stricter and hence these tracking apps couldn’t rely on them. However, the company has made its comeback and the app is available again for tracking pokemons on Pokemon Go.

FastPokeMap app features

FastPokeMap provides great help to the players of Pokemon Go. Let us discuss some of the highlights down below.

  • FastPokeMap is a Pokemon Go tracker which helps tracking real time location of pokemons and how long they will be available at that particular location.
  • Just like its name, the app tracks pokemons at a very fast speed.
  • Low specifications required.
  • Highly effective at tracking Pokemons from large distances.
  • User interface which is easy to get used to.

Download FastPokeMap

At the moment, FastPokeMap is easily downloadable from the internet. Various areas contain the download links for FastPokeMap APK and FastPokeMap iOS. Let us discuss some of these methods to avail the app.

FastPokeMap Download via Official App Stores

Unfortunately, neither of the official app stores contains the FastPokeMap app download. Therefore, the users wishing to install the app on their respective devices must stick to third party downloading methods or you don’t have to go somewhere you can get it from here too. 

FastPokeMap App Download Android

Despite its unavailability on the Google Play Store, there are various methods to free download FreePokeMap for Android. Here is the best way of getting the app on Android devices. To download this, the user must simply follow the download button provided below.


Note: Try to locate the latest version of the app available online; this would get you the best features.

FastPokeMap iOS Download

Downloading FastPokeMap for iOS is not an expert’s task. In fact it can be done within minutes using a PC and an internet connection along with your iOS device. Here is how you do it.

  • Step 1: Download and run Cydia Impactor on your PC.
  • Step 2: Now, download the FastPokeMap for iPad .IPA file on your PC.
  • Step 3: Once installed, drag and drop the .IPA file to the Cydia Impactor application on your PC.
  • Step 4: Now, connect your iOS device to your PC and enter your Apple account details on Cydia Impactor.
  • Step 5: After filling all the details asked, install FastPokeMap iOS on your iOS device.

How to use the FastPokeMap app?

The FastPokemon mobile app is pretty easy to use. As mentioned previously, the app tracks the pokemons from nearby locations and also displays the amount of time they will be available for.

Once installed, the users are asked to link their Pokemon Go account to the app. Once the account has been linked the users can then customize the scanning settings as per their liking. Various options like choosing the Pokemon type to track etc are available here. After customizing as per your liking, the app will start scanning Pokemons within the radius you have set it to. Then, you can reach the location the Pokemon is located at and starting catching it on the Pokemon Go app.

FastPokeMap for PC

Although users can download FastPokeMap for PC using various third party Android emulators, the app is of close to no use due to portability issues occurring on PCs. But the app does work the same way on PCs as it would on any Android device. To download the app for PC devices, one must install Bluestacks Android emulator on their PC. Once installed, the users must download the FastPokeMap APK file on their PC as well. After downing the .APK file, the user must get to its directory folder, right click it and choose the “Run via Bluestacks” option. The .APK file should now install on the emulator by itself and the app can be used thereupon.


Matter-of-factly, FastPokeMap app is a great third party tool to have while playing the Pokemon Go game. It makes the game easy for the players by providing exact locations of the Pokemons of their choices. It also provides various other features which we discussed above. We also discussed various methods to download FastPokeMap APK on different platforms like iOS, Android, PC and also how to use the app on each device.

FastPokeMap – Free Download FastPokeMap APK for Android
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