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CreeHack APK: With the recent uplift in the specifications of new age devices, mobile phone gaming has seen a significant rise. Previously, we had to make do with the flash games on mobile and small apps like browsers.  But now we have over 2 million applications in the official Google Play Store alone. Most of the Play Store applications at the moment contain various in app purchases and features the users must unlock after performing various tasks within the app. But the Creehack for Android app helps here. It can be downloaded for Android via the Creehack APK download method. The app is also available for other platforms like Creehack for iOS and Creehack for PC. We will discuss all of these and much more as we go further with the article. So let us get started.

CreeHack APK – Free Download CreeHack for Android

App Name: CreeHack

File Type: APK

File Size: 792 KB

APK Version: V1.8

Developers: Creehacks

Creehack is a game killer application initially designed for the Android platform. It enables its users to enhance the performance of other applications by letting the users to unlock in app purchases and other features without charging any money and by a single click. This application works on most of the applications available for Android. However, we recommend users to use Creehack Android in only offline applications for a safer experience.

Creehack app requires very low specifications from the user’s device. Its base requirements are 512MB of RAM, Android version 2.3.3 or higher and a internal disk space of 25MB.

Creehack for Android Features

Creehack comes being a H*****g tool comes with a number of features for its users to make benefits of. Let us discuss some of its features down below.

  • It is a game killer app which provides users the ability to make tweaks in the app features as per their requirement. The common tweaks made are game coins, gems etc.
  • Ability to avail in app purchases for free.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Deep customization for altering the app UI as per your liking.
  • Low specification requirements
  • Works on non rooted Android devices

CreeHack Download

At the moment, Creehack app is very easy to download as various download links of different versions of the app have been made available. Here are the mainstream methods one could follow to download Creehack.

  • Creehack Android via Google Play Store

Unfortunately, Creehack for Android is unavailable on the official Google Play Store due to some inside reasons. Therefore, the users must stick to third party downloading methods or try other apps of a similar kind.

  • Creehack 1.8 APK Download

Creehack 1.8 is the latest version of the application available online. This provides features of the highest quality to the user. To download this, the user must simply follow the download button provided below.


Once download from the button above, the users may install Creehack 1.8 on their Android devices and start using it.

  • Creehack v1.2 and Creehack 1.6 APK

Creehack v1.2 and Creehack 1.6 APK are older versions of the application. These versions are the versions released after the beta version of the app. Although, it is highly recommended to download the newer version of the app, below is the stepwise process of getting these older versions.

  • Step 1: Now, locate an appropriate download link and download the .APK file from there.


Creehack V1.6

Creehack V1.2

  • Step 4: Install Creehack v1.2 or Creehack 1.6 APK on your device.

Creehack for PC

Although Creehack for Android is not officially available for the PC platform, users can still use it via certain emulators like Bluestacks. Here is the stepwise method of getting Creehack for PC.

  • Step 1: Install Bluestacks on your PC from
  • Step 2: Download Creehack APK on your PC.
  • Step 3: Get to the directory folder of the .APK file downloaded.
  • Step 4: Right click the .APK file for Creehack and select “Run via Bluestacks”
  • Step 5: Now, install the app and run it like any other app on your Android device.

CreeHack iOS

Unfortunately, Creehack is unavailable for iOS devices at the moment. However, instead of Creehack iOS, various alternatives like Game Killer exist for H*****g applications on iOS.

CreeHack No Root

Surprisingly, unlike its competitors Creehack works even on devices without a root access enabled.  Usually, all the apps of this kind require root access for them to be able to unlock any in app features of offline games. This is due to various reasons that come into play during the development of these apps. However, Creehack APK no root does exist online. In fact all of the .APK files available for Creehack right now are Creehack APK no root.

CreeHack Games

There are several apps available right now which can be hacked from the Creehack app for Android. Let us discuss a couple of them down below.

  • Cree Hack Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is the most popular app that can be hacked through Cree hack. The users can unlock various aspects of the game through Creehack like unlimited game coins, weapons and much more.

  • Cree Hack Subway Surfers

Whenever a H*****g tool Is talked about, Subway Surfers makes sure to slide in its name. Users can use Creehack app to make various tweaks on Subway Surfers like set coin amounts by their own, unlock all the in game tools and much more. However, Creehacked Subway Surfer does not support online connectivity which is quite unfortunate.


Creehack for Android is a H*****g tool which allows the users to make various tweaks in Android applications as per their liking. The app is completely free to use and is available for various platforms worldwide. Creehack APK download method is the easiest way of downloading the app on Android devices. However, users wanting Creehack for PC and Creehack for iOS may choose other downloading methods to use Creehack.

Download CreeHack APK for Android, PC, iPhone – CreeHack APK Download
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