Appvn APK Download – Free Download Appvn APK for Android

The Appvn Apk is a third party Chinese app store which provides thousands of Android apps for free. It is fairly easy to download Appvn for Android as various Appvn APK download files are currently available for download through third party websites. Although the app comes from a Chinese background, Appvn App is also available in multiple languages now. Now, let us study about the app in detail down below.

Android is possibly the best mobile operating system in the world right now as voted by the consumers and the experts. It comes with a wide range of applications on its dedicated Play Store and a simple stock user interface for its users. Being an open source software, providing various customization options is also another asset of the Android OS.

Despite its services, Android does lack in a few areas. One of these areas is its unavailability of third party applications on its Play Store which do not pass the store guidelines. Downloading apps that are paid or contain in app purchases is also a rule cannot by bypassed easily. The Appvn Store however helps here.

Appvn APK – Appvn for Android

Appvn APK

App Name: Appvn

File Type: APK

File Size: 12.83 MB

APK Version: Latest

Developers: Appvn, Inc.

What is the Appvn for Android app?

As mentioned previously, the app Appvn is a third party app store available for Android devices. It works just like the official app stores and the apps download from the Appvn store are stored similarly as they are when downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The Appvn free app can be downloaded on devices with Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher and require a RAM of 512MB or more for running it smoothly. The app’s size is a mere 15 megabytes. Another necessary requirement of the app is the mobile’s root access.

Appvn 2017 Features

Appvn 2017 is the latest version of the application available. This Appvn latest version provides a number of features, some of which are:

  • Appvn store is a third party Chinese app store which provides most of the paid apps on Google Play Store for free.  
  • Provides apps are officially unavailable on the official app store.
  • All the apps available are free of cost.
  • A dedicated search bar for easy browsing through the store.
  • Available for both iOS and Android, it provides a merge of applications from both the operating systems.
  • Appvn APK Android can easily be found online with various third party apps offering downloading links.
  • Provides regular updates of apps within the store.

Appvn Download Android

There are various areas from where one can download Appvn for Android. Let us discuss them down below.

  • Appvn App Free Download via Google Play Store

The mainstream method to download any Android app is to download it via the Play Store. However, Appvn download via Google Play Store is a feature unfortunately unavailable at the moment. The app is yet to be officially available on the official app stores so the users must stick to third party downloading methods.

  • Appvn APK Free Download

To download the Appvn APK latest version, the following steps are followed.

The Appvpn download and installation procedure is quite simple. First download the apk file from here.


Once the .APK file has been download to your device, install the app through it.

  • Appvn Download English

Originally released as an app only available in the regional language of its maker, Appvn app for Android is now available in a number of languages. Appvn APK English is one of them. Appvn APK English can be downloaded from any website offering it. The same .APK downloading methods follow here. However, if proper download links aren’t found, the user can install the normal version of the app and within it, change the app language to English.

Appvn iOS Download

Appvn store is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, just like Android, the app is unavailable on the official Apple app store. Fortunately though, the same workarounds are used to fix the issue. iOS users can download Appvn by downloading the .IPA package installer file of the app from here (34.5 MB) and installing it on their iOS devices through Cydia Impactor.

Appvn for Android – No Root

As previously mentioned, a rooted device is a necessary requirement to run the Appvn app on mobile devices. This applies for both Android and iOS devices. There are various applications like King Root, Super SU to root your Android devices. Various methods to jailbreak iOS devices are also available.

Once rooted, the Appvn application can be downloaded to the devices via the downloading methods listed above.

How to use Appvn app for Android?

The Appvn application for Android is fairly easy to use. Once downloaded via the downloading methods mentioned above, the user can simply browse through Appvn just like any other app store. The user interface is similar to the Google Play Store. The apps on Appvn are well aligned by genres for providing easy browsing to the users. The app also has a dedicated search bar for searching other apps to download.


Over the years, the mobile application industry has provided us with various tools which we now use in our daily lives. However, some of the tools available today are paid while some are not even available on official app stores provided by operating system companies.

To avail these apps for free, the Appvn for Android and iOS devices can be used as an alternative to the official ones. Appvn store comes with a plethora of features; the above list shows a glimpse of some of what the Appvn APK has on offer. It requires a rooted device. It is very easy to download Appvn for Android with a number of downloading methods like Appvn APK download as listed above. A demonstration on how to use the app is also highlighted for the users in this article.

Appvn APK Download – Free Download Appvn APK for Android
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